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Finding Pump Accessories

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You may want to start by checking out the pump-wearing accessories on the pump manufacturer websites. (Bear in mind that pump accessories sold by your child’s pump company will naturally fit your child’s pump; those from other companies may or may not.) Generally speaking, the pouches and cases sold by the pump companies are basic in style and colours: lots of black and white, nothing too fancy, not much to convince a resistant young child or a picky teenager to wear a pump. (Although the accessories for the ACCU-CHEK Combo System do have some fun colours, even a dog-shaped insulin pump case for, as they say, “the young at heart”.)  Pump company accessories are typically functional, discreet, and cover a wide range of needs – a great place to start in your pump-wearing research.
pump pouch from MEC
There are also a number of online retailers of pump-wearing accessories, including the websites of the pump belt manufacturers mentioned above.

You could also seek out packs and pouches not specifically designed for insulin pumps. Earlier on in our pumping life, we went to Mountain Equipment CoOp (MEC) and looked through their pouches and belts - they might be worth a try if the online companies don't have what you're looking for. Good for something rugged and MEC-y looking, a nice range of utility packs to fit an insulin pump, though nothing specifically designed for pumps. We also have had success with cell phone cases from various Looney Stores. We found a green, camouflage-print cell-phone case with a clip on the back that our son used lots when he went through a period in which he didn't want to wear belts – we simply clipped the case to his belt loop. And the camo print had him sold on the idea.

Whatever and wherever you find pump-wearing accessories, feel free to try a few different options to see what fits; the key is finding the options that match your child’s activity needs as well as their personality. Happy hunting!

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This material has been developed from sources that we believe are accurate, however, as the field of medicine (in particular as it applies to diabetes) is rapidly evolving, the information should not be relied upon, as it is designed for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of medical advice, instruction and/or treatment. If you have specific questions, please consult your doctor or appropriate health care professional.

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