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By parents, for parents. Taming the type 1 diabetes dragon together. WaltzingTheDragon.ca provides comprehensive, expert-approved information on the physical and emotional aspects of managing type 1 diabetes, plus tips from the trenches from parents who have lived it.

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How to Use This Site:

The majority of the content on WaltzingTheDragon.ca is organized into 3 Levels of Readiness; each level builds on the levels that came before it, so to fully understand a given article, we suggest that you read the articles on the same topic contained in the previous level(s).

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Level 1 acts as an introduction to type 1 diabetes and its management. Its articles contain basic survival info, written 
for families with a child who has been recently diagnosed (within the last 6 months or so). It is also applicable for those who feel there may be gaps in what they remember from the introductory training they received. Level 1 content represents the basic building blocks for all the information that follows in Levels 2 and 3. If your child has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we suggest that you focus on Level 1 content: you don’t need to know it all right away, and Level 1 provides all you need to know to get through the first several months after diagnosis.


Level 2 content adds another layer of information, expanding upon basic skills. It is designed for families who experienced a type 1 diabetes diagnosis several months (or years) ago, and who are feeling that they want to do more than just survive, and can handle the concepts presented in Level 1 well enough to move on to more advanced diabetes management.

Level 3 articles are not for the faint of heart! Level 3 is designed for those type A’s in the crowd (you know who you are!) who feel there must still be more to learn. Level 3 information is not imperative for satisfactory type 1 diabetes management; you can still live well with the diabetes dragon without exploring these topics. But if you want to further refine and tweak things, the topics in this section are for you.

Outside of the level structure, sections include:

Coping and Family Life - the psychological and emotional aspects of type 1 diabetes.
Away from Home –Traveling with Diabetes, Babysitters/Other Caregivers, and School.
Finances – Canadian financial tips and programs for type 1 diabetes.


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