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Past Newsletters for WTD

Past Newsletters for Waltzing the DragonDid you just subscribe to our newsletter and wonder what you've missed? Or did you misplace a newsletter we sent and you're trying to find it?

Not to worry, all of Waltzing the Dragon's past "Dragon News" newsletters can be found by clicking on the links below! Check out past newsletters for great carb-counted recipes and interesting articles.

August 2015- Coping For School Age Kids, Pump Potential

July 2015- When Good Insulin Goes Bad

June 2015- How Long Does Your Insulin Last?

May 2015- The Fastest Low Treatments

April 2015- Tweaking Insulin Doses and Safety at School

March 2015- Diabetes is Just Like Building a House

February 2015- Help with Life's Certainties

January 2015- New Ways to Battle Highs & Lows

December 2014-'Tis the Season for Holiday Cheer/New Tools

November 2014- Building Community, Building in Safety

October 2014- The Best, the Scariest, the Handiest of T1D

September 2014- Passing the Diabetes Baton, Eating Out and Pump Site Tips

August 2014- Wrestling with Highs, Going Back to School

July 2014- Summer Fun

June 2014- Double Diagnoses and Infusion Site Success

May 2014- Exercise and Overcoming Obstacles

April 2014- Easter

March 2014- Brighter Days Ahead

February 2014-Winter Feats, Valentine Treats

January 2014-Diabetes Tune Up

December 2013-Christmas and New Years

October 2013-Halloween and Thanksgiving

August 2013-Back to School

July 2013-Summer Fun and Family Travel

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