Informed Decision-Making

Choosing an Insulin Pump or CGM Know what to ask. Know what matters to you.

When choosing a new tech device, the biggest hurdle may be that we don't know what we don't know.

Help has arrived in this self-assessment workbook written by Deborah Samuel, Diabetes Clinical Specialist with Medtronic Canada. Deborah is both a Registered Nurse AND a Registered Psychotherapist, uniquely equipping her to address both the health and quality of life aspects of choosing a diabetes device.

Systematically and without bias, she poses focused questions about waterproof and warranty, integration, managing your glucose data, dose precision (just how small do my child's insulin doses need to be to reduce the risk of lows?) and other key considerations, guiding you through the process of identifying:

  • What's important to you in terms of an Insulin Pump or Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)?

  • What questions do you need answered by your diabetes health care team and representatives of the pump/CGM companies?

This workbook will empower you to get the information you need in order to make an informed decision on which device is the best fit for your/your child's individual health needs and lifestyle.

Many thanks to Deborah Samuel for making this resource available to Waltzing the Dragon readers!