Apple Vampire Fangs

DRAGON BITES carb-counted recipe

A family-friendly, mostly healthy (sometimes treat-y!) easy recipe for families living well with Type 1 Diabetes.

Hallowe'en Vampire Fangs

Apple + P/B & Jam + Marshmallow = Yum

A fun way to celebrate the spooks, this (mostly) healthy Hallowe’en treat has enough real food to satisfy moms, and just enough sweet-tooth to satisfy kids. This naturally gluten-free and moderately low carb recipe is super-easy and no cooking is involved, so even our little goblins can help!

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Low-Carb? Moderately
Gluten-free? Yes
Dairy-free? Yes
Nut-free? No

Active Time: 20 min
Soak (optional): 10 min
Ready in: 20-30 min

Total Yield: 8 pairs of Vampire Lips from one apple
Carb Content: 9g in each pair of Vampire lips

Note that high fat food can lead to high blood sugar later that is resistant to correction – you may need to cover the fat content in this dish with extra insulin, especially if you do not regularly eat foods high in fat. For more information on this, check out How Fat Affects Blood Glucose?


1 large red apple1 (~250g pre-cut weight; ~230g without the core)

2/3 cup peanut butter2

48 mini marshmallows (weighing 25g)3

4 large marshmallows4

A drip of raspberry or strawberry jam (optional)



  1. 26g carbs for 16 apple slices weighing a total of ~230g
  2. 11g carbs for 32 tsp of Kraft Unsweetened Unsalted Peanut Butter
  3. 19g carbs for 48 Compliments Mini Marshmallows
  4. 16g carbs for Compliments Original Marshmallows (for portion used in recipe)



Cut an apple into 8 wedges. I used an apple slicer/corer to make the slices even. You can use a knife instead, if you want: Just cut the apple into quarters, then cut each quarter in half again.

Each one of these eighths of an apple will make one mouth.


Cut each eighth of an apple in half yet again, lengthwise. These are the 2 lips that will go together to make up the mouth.



To prevent the cut apples from browning you can either:

  • Soak the apple slices in a saline solution for 10 minutes, then pat dry or
  • Brush the apple slices with lemon juice, then pat dry.

I prefer the saline solution. It’s just as effective as lemon juice, but doesn’t change the taste of the apple. To make a saline solution, dissolve 1 tsp of salt in 2 cups of water.


Spread 1 -2 tsp of peanut butter on one side of each of the 2 lips. I used 2 tsp of peanut butter for large apples (weighing ~250g before cutting/coring), and 1 tsp for small apples (weighing ~150g before cutting/coring). You can use as much or as little as you like!

You can opt to use any kind of nut butter that you want… almond, cashew, or Wow Butter for a nut-free version. For this recipe, I find that many nut butters are too runny to hold the teeth and lips together, but if you have a nut butter that your family loves, give it whirl.


Place a row of 6 mini marshmallows on top of the peanut butter, along the peel (higher) edge of one apple “lip.”


  • Tip the marshmallows in different directions for a crooked teeth effect.
  • Leave one out entirely if you want to create a gap between the teeth.


Place the upper apple lip on top of the row of marshmallows, peanut butter side down. Press firmly so everything sticks together.


  • For vampire fangs, place the marshmallows as shown below, with the 2nd marshmallow from each side set back from the row. This will leave spaces for the fangs, while still supporting the upper lip.

To make the fangs, cut the corner off of a large marshmallow...

... then cut that corner in half lengthwise.

Assemble the mouth (as up to step 6 above). Then stick each fang to the peanut butter of the upper lip, in front of the marshmallow that was set back from the row.

  • For bloody fangs, use a wooden stick or the tip of a fork to drip raspberry or strawberry jam from each fang.


Say “I vant to suck your blood!” while you serve it to your kids.

7 final apple vampire fangs Halloween 1200x800


Total carbs: 72g of carbs with fangs; 56g of carbs without

Total yield: 8 apple-peanut-butter-marshmallow mouths

Carbs for each apple-peanut-butter-marshmallow mouth = 9g with fangs; 7g without

Please don’t rely exclusively on my carb counting! Nutritional information is given for general information only, and will vary depending on the amount, type and brand of ingredients you choose - Please verify your carb and fat content when you make your own version of this recipe.

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