Insulin Pumping

Getting the Most Out of Your Insulin Pump: How to Choose + Use the Latest Diabetes Tech

Things have come a long way in terms of diabetes technology since the days of harpoon syringes, Regular insulin, and urine glucose testing. Today we have access to precise, convenient, powerful insulin delivery systems, as well as accurate, unobtrusive, minute-by-minute glucose testing. But the technology we use is only as powerful as the brain that operates it! So train your brain to get the most out of your diabetes tech tools with the articles in this Insulin Pump section.

Articles on Insulin Pumping

This diabetes technology section of Waltzing the Dragon provides the background theory and practical tips needed to get the most from your insulin pump, empowering you to put the diabetes dragon in its place. Click on one of the titles below to read that article.

Articles are categorized in terms of Readiness Levels:

Beginning articles act as an introduction to the basics of managing type 1 diabetes, written for families with a child who has been recently diagnosed (within the last 6 months or so), and for those who feel there may be gaps in what they remember from the early days. Beginning content represents the basic building blocks for what follows in Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Intermediate articles add another layer of information, expanding upon basic skills. They are designed for families who experienced a type 1 diabetes diagnosis several months (or years) ago, have the Beginning concepts mastered, and who are feeling that they want to do more than just “get by”. Intermediate topics will provide you with the skills to better manage blood glucose.

Advanced articles are designed for those type A’s in the crowd (you know who you are!) who feel that, after all the regular information out there, there must still be more to learn. You can live well with the diabetes dragon without exploring these Advanced topics, but if you are in the pursuit of excellence, and want to further refine and tweak things, the topics in this level are for you.

I sincerely hope the information on these pages helps you focus less on the dragon and more on life… Let’s dance!