Brownie Nests

DRAGON BITES carb-counted recipe

A family-friendly, mostly healthy (sometimes treat-y!) easy recipe for families living well with Type 1 Diabetes.

Super-easy and fun for kids!

You can create these yummy and adorable spring nests using your favourite brownie recipe, or... for the low-fuss, super-easy version, just buy 2 ingredients, assemble and you're done... no baking required!

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Low-Carb? No
Gluten-free? Not as outlined here (unless you use GF One Bite Brownies or GF brownie recipe)
Dairy-free? No
Nut-free? Yes

Active Time: 15 min
Bake: 0 min
Ready in: 15 min

Total Yield: 14 brownie nests
Carb Content: 18g of carbohydrate each


  • One 280g bag of original two-bite brownies (10.5g of carbs per brownie)
  • One 220g bag of Hershey’s Eggies (Creamy Milk Chocolate variety for solid eggs, or Cookies ‘N’ Creme for speckled eggs) (3 Cookies 'N' Creme eggs = 7.5g of carbs)



Press your thumb into the centre of a two-bite (or mini-cupcake-sized) brownie until the edge cracks slightly. Rotate and repeat to create nest effect.


Place 3 Hershey’s Eggies in the centre of the brownie nest. (Eggie’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme variety will give you speckled eggs, as pictured)


Yield: 14 brownie nests with 18g of carbohydrate each.

If you also bolus for fat, note that each brownie nest contains 6.5g of fat.

Should I Give Insulin to Cover the Fat???

Please don’t rely exclusively on my carb counting! Nutritional information is given for general information only, and will vary depending on the amount, type and brand of ingredients you choose - Please verify your carb and fat content when you make your own version of this recipe.